FREE Cross Advertising

Looking to reach a targeted audience of serious enthusiasts? That’s what you get when you put your ad in front of the Dragon Slayers MC – Brevard site.

Our average member is anything but. They don’t just own motorcycles—they build and rebuild motorcycles. That means whether you’re selling parts, tools, paint, supplies, cleaning products, manuals or services that can be used on a classic machine, our audience is your audience.


How does cross advertising work?
Cross advertising means, we will create an advertising block for you and add it to our website at no cost. In turn, we ask you post a small advert on your website and or a small printed advert at your place of business.


Why the fuck would I want to do this, you ask yourself?
-You advertise your business with us.

-Candy over at the Biker Boobie Bungalow strip club advertises with us. Now Candy’s client’s see your ad and you’ve saved a few dollars
to shove into Candy’s G-string or whatever. Win for everyone.


What’s in it for the Dragon Slayers MC of Brevard?
Your clients, Candy’s clients and anyone else that uses our free advertising see’s our site and Candy might send us nudes, but mostly everyone sees our site. Everybody wins.


Who can advertise on the Dragon Slayers MC – Brevard website?
Any business or service. Restuarants, bars, strip clubs, motorcycle/auto repair, Jenny that does personal in-home massage and just about everyone else. 

DSMCFL reserves the right to refuse or terminate this service at any time without reason.


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