FireFighter Clubs

Axemen MC

The Axemen M/C was founded in the Detroit Metro Area in March of 1998. There were 12 founding members. The purpose of forming this club was to have a club exclusive to IAFF members, working or retired.

Our Founding Chapter ( Michigan Chapter 1  ) is located in the Detroit metro area. Charity rides and other events  organized by the Axemen  generate funds  which we donate to various charities, the majority among those being fire fighter related. Others include burn prevention, veterans and the MDA.

As of January, 2013, we have 25 chapters, located throughout Michigan, Ohio, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Washington State, Kansas, Tesas and Wisconsin.

June 2008 Illinois Chapter 1 was officially formed.


Firehogs MC

Founded in 1991, the FIRE HOGS M/C goal is to promote a brotherhood amongst our fellow firefighters. Develop a relationship with the community to which we serve. Provide assistance for all our fallen brothers and loved ones left behind. Promote an organization based on trust, respect, fellowship, freedom and unity.


Brother’s Keepers MC

We are an all Firefighter (career, volunteer, active or retired) Motorcycle Club.  We formed the 1st Chapter of Brother’s Keepers Motorcycle Club in Shreveport, Louisiana U.S.A. in 2003.  We created this club for the purpose of having fun and riding our bikes.  We now have 20 chapters in 6 states, 1 in Canada and 1 in Australia.  We are growing and looking for good people.  This club  is an extension of what we do everyday for our community, but it is also a way for us to live a little.  We have great people and great charities we raise money for.


Cobra’s MC Florida 

The Cobras MC is a serious club that commands respect for one reason. Those who are correctly informed recognize the deep level of personal commitment and self discipline that a man has to demonstrate and sustain in order to wear a patch. They realize that a club’s “Colors” are closely guarded and the membership process is long and difficult. Other factors notwithstanding, they respect Patchholders for what they have accomplished by being able to earn and keep the patch that they wear. This is respect born out of recognition of dedication and accomplishment. MC Clubs strives for respect for this reason. This is especially true as it pertains to those persons outside of the motorcycle community. This segment of society is by far the larger, and therefore represents a larger market for any fund raising activities that the group might undertake. It stands to reason that cultivating a relationship with these people is important, and to be perceived by them as “Biker Scum” would not be advantageous to the group. They will therefore conduct themselves as upstanding citizens in every way… “Good neighbors” so to speak. The goal is to be admired and respected by the general public rather than feared. The serious club, and all of its members and guests, will always conduct themselves publicly in a highly professional manner.


Fire Riders MC

The New York City Fire Riders Motorcycle Club was established in January of 1985, at the quarters of Engine Company 263, in the 49 Battalion, Queens, New York.

The late Battalion Chief Junius Rahn created the club to unite firefighters, have a good time and promote safe motorcycling. The original group consisted of 16 members and has grown to over 300 members today! There is now also a chapter in Nassau County.

We are also affiliated with the Red Knights International Motorcycle Club and the Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club. These affiliations present us with many opportunities to travel across the country and into Canada to fellowship within the brotherhood of firefighters.


Fire Dogs MC

We are the Fire Dogs Motorcycle Club.  We are a public safety support club that has a mix of current and retired public safety and military personnel, as well as civilians.  We were founded in April 2004.  The Fire Dogs recently changed our patches from the one on the left to the current patch on the right.  The new design takes into account that we support all forms of public safety.